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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

I'm not really a literary person. When I read, I don't tend to focus on how something is written, I don't even put that much emphasis on the text itself, for me it's all about the world the text creates, the story, the themes, the plot and the characters. I'm unusual, I know, but I don't critique literature as most people do. The words to me are just a prop. I don't focus on the style or type of words used. As long as it's intelligible and I can understand it and it's grammaticaly correct and easy on the eyes and it works for me, I don't care. To me language is a prop, it's primary purpose IMO is communication. I don't get caught up in how pretty the words are put together or whatever, I focus more on what the words are trying to say. Language is a means to an end to me, I don't put too much stock in it as an art to itself or as a cultural thing. I tend to get immersed in a great book like any of the Potter books and lose myself. It's an experience that is difficult to explain.

"I wrote this for me, you know. I never wrote this with a focus group of children in mind. I wrote it totally for me and I'm an adult so maybe it's not so surprising."
JK Rowling on Adults liking Harry Potter; 1999

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