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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
Because I don't think Rowling was deliberately writing for anyone. She was going off of pure inspiration.
OK, but most authors do start to develop a good idea of what their likely audience might be, as they work on and polish the material.

Sure, she dosen't write out curses (she does reference many times that characters use profanity though) and we don't see any sex (it is implied in later books)
I like the fact that HP gets pretty dark. The implied swearing amuses me! I think JKR goes as far as she deems appropriate for the market the books are aimed at.

IMO sex dosen't make an adult book.
Well, it's certainly not necessary to include sex in an adult book but the treatment of sex would be rather different from that portrayed in HP.

I see all the books as stories for all ages and that includes kids. I rather personally label them as universal books. Labels like these are really only useful for bookstores though.
HP certainly has universal appeal: that is undeniable. I see it as a children's series that grew up. And it's good enough for adults to enjoy!

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