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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
I don't quite understand this. It is very obvious to me that PS/SS, CoS and PoA are all children's books, and written as such. Why is that negative? Writing for children is very challenging! It takes a lot of talent to write a children's classic.

As the series progressed and darkened, then the books started morphing more into the Young Adult genre. That is obvious, too. But the treatment of sexuality in particular brackets it as Young Adult -- not adult -- fare.

When people scoff at HP, I tell them that the richness and complexity of the stories and the characterisations, are what endeared themselves to adults, and deservedly so.
Because I don't think Rowling was deliberately writing for anyone. She was going off of pure inspiration. Sure, she dosen't write out curses (she does reference many times that characters use profanity though) and we don't see any sex (it is implied in later books) but IMO sex dosen't make an adult book. I see all the books as stories for all ages and that includes kids. I rather personally label them as universal books. Labels like these are really only useful for bookstores anyway. You may mean children's book in a certain way but most people have a misconception of what a children's book is and judge the series for that title.

"I wrote this for me, you know. I never wrote this with a focus group of children in mind. I wrote it totally for me and I'm an adult so maybe it's not so surprising."
JK Rowling on Adults liking Harry Potter; 1999

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