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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

Originally Posted by LoonyLuna22 View Post
Never! There are things kids grow out of but I Harry Potter is not one of them. I feel like the stories were grittier and had more depth as the series progressed. I don't think of HP as a children's series, though it was intended to be. I feel it was one of those rare books that appeals to all ages and connects them through the mutual love of this epic story. I will never be too old for it.
I always hear this, that HP was intended to be a children's book but says who? I don't recall Jo ever stating she set out to write a book for kids to enjoy, she just got an idea while on the train and wrote it down, she says herself she didn't have an audience in mind and didn't think anyone would like it except her sister (an adult). The children's book thing was something created by the marketting and is something Jo (humble as she is) just went along with but it proved quite quickly (even back in 98) that adults enjoyed the books just as much if not more.

"I wrote this for me, you know. I never wrote this with a focus group of children in mind. I wrote it totally for me and I'm an adult so maybe it's not so surprising."
JK Rowling on Adults liking Harry Potter; 1999

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