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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series

Originally Posted by PeerlessKid View Post
I don't know if WB has a anime branch? Otherwise I don't see them letting anyone else use it to make an anime especially if it's a Japanese company or a rival American one.
They distribute anime you can see their logo in these two trailers:

summer wars

Anyway it can definatly work,the advantage of animation is that you have no limits to what you can create , you just need to draw,while in live action even if they have a huge budget,it's not infinite.

But if there's an anime , I demand the music for the show to be made by Yuki Kajiura.

As for the people making general statements about animes,I invite them to reconsider their position,anime isn't a genre,it's a medium with all kinds of different genres.this and this are both animes since they're both animated by a japanese studio,but apart from that have nothing in common

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