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Re: Gender: Roles, Stereotypes, Discrimination Version 2

1) Do you believe that men and women are inherently "different" on more than a biological level?

Absolutely. Though what I think you mean is psychological and in terms of actions and reactions etc. Most research prompts the conclusion that yes we are. Indeed, not necessarily to do with gender, but a far more personality traits are inherited than commonly thought and gender does have a basis in this.

2) Do you believe that gendering is a matter of nature or nurture? A combination of both?

Obviously it's both. Genders are fundamentally different in most animals and we are no exception. However, different social groups will of course heavily influence a learning child.

3) Have you ever felt discriminated against or judged based on your gender?

No, though, as a man I have rather less trouble with this sort of thing.

4) Do you feel that your gender is misunderstood by the opposite gender? Have you experienced an "Us/Them" scenario with regard to gender in your relationships with other people?

There are plenty of women who understand the way that men work, and plenty who do not. The same is true vice versa.

5) Are there any fundamental questions you would like to ask of members of the opposite sex? (For obvious reasons, questions must be PG-13). Any misconceptions you would like to clear up that you feel are generally accepted about your gender?


6) Have you ever felt limited by gender roles or ostricized by other members of your own gender for failing to live up to stereotypes and expectations surrounding your gender?

Guys used to think I was effeminate at school? But then most of the neanderthals in those bygone days never quite clocked onto the fact that you could present yourself well and play music whilst still netting a fairly high girlfriend total.
No but seriously, apart from silly youth kids stuff years ago not at all. It is hardly going to happen now.


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