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Re: Gender: Roles, Stereotypes, Discrimination Version 2

1) Do you believe that men and women are inherently "different" on more than a biological level?

Men and women are from different planets, as it seem. They're not only different on biological levels, but most of the time, emotional and mental levels as well.

2) Do you believe that gendering is a matter of nature or nurture? A combination of both?

Both. Traditionally, girls play with dolls, while guys rough-house, and play things like Poke'mon and cars and such. However, there are exceptions to the rules. (I.E me.) I think I had more fun rough-housing with my guy friends (I was seven, okay!), playing Poke'mon cards and setting up cars and trains than playing with dolls.

3) Have you ever felt discriminated against or judged based on your gender?

Not yet, no.

4) Do you feel that your gender is misunderstood by the opposite gender? Have you experienced an "Us/Them" scenario with regard to gender in your relationships with other people?

I'm not particularly sure.

5) Are there any fundamental questions you would like to ask of members of the opposite sex? (For obvious reasons, questions must be PG-13). Any misconceptions you would like to clear up that you feel are generally accepted about your gender?

Can't think of any.

6) Have you ever felt limited by gender roles or ostricized by other members of your own gender for failing to live up to stereotypes and expectations surrounding your gender?

I'm a total tomboy, and I'm 16! (Well, 17 this year.) But no, I have not been ostricised because I'm a tomboy.



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