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Re: Gender: Roles, Stereotypes, Discrimination Version 2

Originally Posted by Siriusandme View Post
Yes, but more in a, what seemed like a typical male reaction, to an event. About a year ago there was an artical in the newspaper about a woman who had inherited her mothers wedding ring and because she couldn't wear it (wrong size) she went to a jeweller to have it turned into a necklace. A few weeks after she received the necklace, she passed the jeweller and saw her mothers wedding ring. It turned out the man had used different gold for the necklace and decided to sell the ring. My father thought this was perfectly logical and when I said the ring held an emotional value he said that if that were the case the woman never should have taken the ring to the jewellers in the first place. He didn't get my view that the emotional value was in the fact that this ring belonged to the mother and that it had nothing to do with it's shape.
Did she sue the jeweller? or at least make him return the ring?

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