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Re: Gender: Roles, Stereotypes, Discrimination Version 2

1) Do you believe that men and women are inherently "different" on more than a biological level?

Yes, I also believe men and women are different on a psychological level.

2) Do you believe that gendering is a matter of nature or nurture? A combination of both?

I believe it's a combination of both. There are plenty of girls who don't like playing with dolls or playing dress-up and there are plenty of boys who do. And if a child doesn't like playing with dolls or cars you can buy as many as you want, they won't play with them. About a year ago a saw an episode of The View where Sherry Shepherd (???) said that her then 2yr old son decided to play dress-up at his nursery school and put on a princess dress. She then got angry with the teachers there for her son wearing a dress. Dresses are for girls, period!!!

3) Have you ever felt discriminated against or judged based on your gender?

No, but I'm not sure if I've ever been in a situation where I could have been discriminated against. And maybe it did happen and I just never noticed, I'm not the most observant person...

4) Do you feel that your gender is misunderstood by the opposite gender? Have you experienced an "Us/Them" scenario with regard to gender in your relationships with other people?

Yes, but more in a, what seemed like a typical male reaction, to an event. About a year ago there was an artical in the newspaper about a woman who had inherited her mothers wedding ring and because she couldn't wear it (wrong size) she went to a jeweller to have it turned into a necklace. A few weeks after she received the necklace, she passed the jeweller and saw her mothers wedding ring. It turned out the man had used different gold for the necklace and decided to sell the ring. My father thought this was perfectly logical and when I said the ring held an emotional value he said that if that were the case the woman never should have taken the ring to the jewellers in the first place. He didn't get my view that the emotional value was in the fact that this ring belonged to the mother and that it had nothing to do with it's shape.

5) Are there any fundamental questions you would like to ask of members of the opposite sex? (For obvious reasons, questions must be PG-13). Any misconceptions you would like to clear up that you feel are generally accepted about your gender?

Not really no, at least, I can't think of any....

6) Have you ever felt limited by gender roles or ostricized by other members of your own gender for failing to live up to stereotypes and expectations surrounding your gender?

Yes, but I'm not sure if they are linked to my gender or more general expectations of how people of a certain age should behave.


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