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Re: How I met your mother

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
Not gonna lie, I was a bit sad at the end. *sniffles* Even though they were cancelling out each other's awesome.
See, that's the thing: I think that's terrible reasoning. You know why? Welll, I'm glad you asked! Lily and Marshall? They're both completely awesome, but do they "cancel each other out?" No! They just doubled their amount of awesome to become a whole new kind of awesome!

I really don't know how you could possibly put it any more eloquently than that. I was really disappointed in last week's episode, though, mainly because I think it's too soon to break Barney and Robin up; after a whole season of watching Barney pine (seriously, pine) over Robin, and coming to root for them, I think they should have played this relationship out a bit longer. However, it was a very funny episode; Lily was particularly hilarious.

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