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Re: How I met your mother

LOL for me Ted has been one of the only decent things about this season so far. I'm really loving him this season. Barney/Robin - really really really really not liking them at all. I kind of want them to break up ASAP actually. It feels like all the story lines revolve around them so far and Marshall especially has been reduced to just a gimmicky guy who does lame stuff.

So this season has had some good episodes for me but the Barney/Robin scenes are pretty much dragging it down for me. Like I'm enjoying all the scenes with the others and when they are interacting with the others but when it's just them and their relationship on screen, I get bored pretty fast. I realize they are supposed to be this dysfunctional couple and what not, but to me, they aren't making it work at all. Plus, I still don't feel like Robin actually cares for him like he does for her. I wish they'd shown when and how Robin fell for him because I just ain't buying it.

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