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Re: How I met your mother

Originally Posted by ravclawprefec View Post
Hahaha. I had no idea there was a real site. Thank you so much for posting that
They actually do create all the websites. Like,,, etc. The sites are hilarious....

Here is the link to the various websites:

Ted Mosby is a Jerk

Barney's Blog

Ted Mosby is not a Jerk

Lily and Marshall sell their stuff

Barney's video resume

Slap Countdown

These are some of my favorite links. There are few other websites as well. There's apparently even a tie-in novel regarding the Bro code.

It doesn't End! It never will...I will keep coming back for more. The books will always remain a part of who I am!

I cried, when I saw the "It all ends!" banner!!

But now I know, it never will....

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