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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Originally Posted by JustMeWayne View Post
i think that dh1 sales maybe affected by hbp, most cinemagoers were expecting a transformers 2 especially after ootp, which had destroyed sets and fire and fighting, something which hbp lacked, as it served to get audiences biting their nails for the next one. it failed here though, the last scene with the trio was BORING. they should have made it better.
something to add: "The Friends" soundtrack should be used in dh2. it was really memorable!
people might be disappointed by hbp, thus not coming for dh1.
people will still come for dh2, its the last film of the hp series
what we can hope is dh1 does a better job with action: (extend) nagini, 7 potter, etc
most audiences were disapointed with hbp, expecting something """better""";while ironically, fans quite liked them
looks like fan and audiences cant get together :!
I disagree with you. Why would auidences be expecting something like ROTF for a Harry Potter movie. I surely wasn't expecting it at all.

Also I know many people who liked the movie. I one of the fans who think this was the best yet in the series.

Also I think more fans are exoecting DH's. If you read the book you know what to expect in Dh's.

I don't want Harry Potter nowhere near what ROTF was or what GI Joe is.

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