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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Excuse me but how the heck is OotP supposed to be 'action-packed'?
How could people be disappointed with HBP?
OotP had: Dementor attack, Flight of the Order, DA meetings, Nagini's attack, Dumbledore's Flight/Patronus DA lesson, Thestrals flight, Department of Mysteries battle, Voldemort VS Dumbledore duel. These are the only action scenes in the film and half of them are not even 'action-packed' (DA meetings, Nagini's attack-you can't call these action scenes but anyway). The climax of OotP was 17-18 minutes long. And the aftermath was too short and quick and cheerful that destroyed the entire mood. How could people find this an action film where the entire film is about Umbridge?
I wouldn't say OotP is "action packed" but it does have a clear conflict which is consistently developed throughout the film. The presence of Umbridge means the film has a clear-cut, ever-present antagonist who really does have power and uses it onstage to make the heroes suffer. That's the key word there: onstage.

HBP, by comparison, lacks a true villain. Voldemort is off-stage the entire time; for all intents and purposes, it's like he doesn't exist. The only characters whom you could pretend could qualify as the film's "villain" are Bella and Snape. Neither has the consistent development that Umbridge receives.

A movie doesn't need "action" to be suspenseful. A chase scene isn't the only type of peril that exists. Something as mundane as school rules, presented in the right manner, can seem as monumental and oppressive as the Muggle-born Registration Committee.

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