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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
Although my sister has read the books, she might as well be a non-reader because she's forgotten most of the details. Like the only thing she remembered about HBP was that Snape killed Dumbledore. She thought the movie was deadly boring, and she's telling all her friends not to bother going! Bad sister, bad sister!
thats what we need...bad word of mouth
hp just lost its top spot to 4 guinea pigs
everyone lets help hp go back to no.1 by encouraging people around us to watch hp!!!!

i just worried that little people will watch dh1 after hbp, most non-readers comments were about little action... and many people watched hbp because ootp contained alot alot of action (rmb the prophecy raining scene?)
but i suppose if yates doesnt screw dh1 up, the harry potter decade will end with a bang with dh2!!!

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