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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
That's why it was so brilliant, imo! The audience is in a giggly, fun, laughing mood and then Ron falls again as the audience get ready to laugh again when the film cuts to disturbing and realistic shots of Ron being poisoned, convulsing and foaming at the mouth...a perfect case of the comic relief making the drama all the more potent.

Masterfully edited, imo.
Masterfully edited only to bookend a serious attempt to kill someone and one of Harry's best friend nearly dying with "These girls are going to kill me." I was wishing so hard that they won't deflate the scene with some sort of unwitty one liner. I suppose in the end it worked out since following soon after was more comedy which fit the tone of scene in the hospital wing.

Originally Posted by Atreides View Post
Second, the Death Eaters were pointless, thus rendering the entire movie pointless. This is the most scathing criticism, as more than one person I've read felt that the movie lost several points for it. Since there was no battle, it seemed things would have been no different if only Draco and Snape carried out the deed, and using the Vanishing Cabinet for additional Death Eaters seemed like an excuse to drag the film out.

I understand Yates' reasoning for cutting the battle, but he should have rectified this, somehow. If there could have been even a small fight between one or two other wizards and DEs while they ran away, even that would have made sense of it. Or perhaps to make it clearer that Draco didn't expect Dumbledore to be weakened. Oh well.
It made sense in keeping death eaters as to salvage what little credible threat they seem to be in the series or at least this installment. The thing is we need to show that Hogwarts isn't safe anymore, especially when Death Eaters can infiltrate so easily and totally wreck the place up. The battle wasn't needed because it needed to show how much of an upperhand they have in killing Dumbledore. I mean really, showing what's left of defenses shooing them out would degrade the seriousness of the situation and be the equivalent of an old nanny swatting out burgulars with her frying pan or broom. At the same time it sets up Hogwarts in DH to be run by Death Eaters.

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