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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Originally Posted by amanduhrae View Post
I went with my mom, who hasn't read the books, and she screamed at the part when the inferi grabbed Harry's hand. Right before, she was like, "He's not supposed to get the water! He's not supposed to get the water!" And then, I was waiting for the inferi to grab Harry's hand, and I jumped when they did but my mom actually screamed, and the boys next to us were laughing so hard. So was I. And my mom totally missed that Dumbledore died at first. While Harry was fighting Snape after the Death Eaters burned Hagrid's house down, my mom was like, "Wait, did Dumbledore just die?" and I was like, "Yeah! Did you seriously miss that?"

hahahah that all is truly priceless I would of loved to of witnessed that, the 3rd time I saw the film just about every single person in the theater screamed which then made me jump.

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