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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

I've read the books, but from a film viewpoint alone, putting aside any bias for the books, this is how I saw it:

The film was choppy. It was choppy in the Order and it was choppy now. My friends who went to see it with me commented on this, remarking it was all over the place. At the best of times it seemed like it was zig-zagging, too fast for its own good ( although a marked improvement on the Order that was even more choppy, ultimately making it poor)

It feels like the film makers are in a constant rush to just get on with the movie, that they don't savour it. This is a major criticism and the films major flaw. Is it David Yates that is to blame? I don't know. It started out alright, but when they went to the Weasleys, you are left wondering, what the hell? Like somebody said, they presume you know what's happening, leaving no room for explaining why they left Hogwarts all of a sudden to go to the Weasley's.

Also, the fighting scenes were much to be desired. The film makers stated that the burrow scene made up for the lack of fighting at the end of the movie. It was rather boring and certainly not worthy of making up for the lack of the main fight at the end. What was the point?

Finally, the absence of a proper send off for Hogwarts and Dumbledore is laughable. Even if you haven't read the books, you feel like the last scene was half-assed and once again, way too quick. It lacked emotion when they were on top of the tower. It was like the trio were sad to go, but that it was no big deal. You'd swear they'd only spent a month there, when you bear in mind that Hogwarts was Harry's REAL first home. Yates doesn't seem to get it, neither does Heyman. The film was good, but it could have been great, if it weren't for a few really bad decisions. You feel kinda robbed.

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