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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

I brought my best friend along, who hasn't read any of the books and recently just finished all of the movies because I wouldn't let her watch HBP without alteast some prior knowledge if she didn't want to read the books.

She understood the plot a bit and liked the action scenes but didn't understand the importance of the "Half Blood Prince" and questioned me why it was even the title of the movie. I had to quietly explain a few parts of the film to her, like DD drinking that horrible potion near the end of the movie. "Why can't harry just throw that potion out of the cup?" was the one question that she asked that made me upset because it should of been obvious that harry nor dumbledore could just scoop the liquid out.

Overall, I think she enjoyed the movie. She loved the comedy parts, balancing out the dark parts of the film. Half of the movie though, she had to pee really bad but I wouldn't let her go to the bathroom and miss all of the important parts, like the funeral that I thought she would miss if she went to relieve herself. Oh well


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