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Re: Audio Books

Originally Posted by vampiricduck View Post
On a less fictitious note, I just got a copy of "The Audacity of Hope", by Barack Obama, from the library.

He has a beautiful speaking voice- it's like the President is talking to me! This is a real recommendation, even if you don't support him. He has a nice way of bringing across what he learned on his various campaign trails, bringing a rhetorical voice of America to the fore. It's really pleasant to listen to.
Another (audio)book to put on my wishlist for Christmas! I really wanted to read the book, it sounded like an interesting read, but maybe I should try to get the audio book. Pity they don't sell it in the stores here, I will have to order it, which uses to take weeks, or even months. Why was I born in Norway? (Just kidding, of course, I love living here except I would like to to live in a larger city than I do, it's so few book stores here! )


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