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Re: Things You Just Don't Get In Math Class

Things you just don't get in math class....that would be MATH period.. I never understood math when I was in school (about a thousand years ago) and I understand it even less now that my girls are in school (they are in the second grade).

They recently brought home math progress reports where one thing the teacher said was that they would benefit from practicing decomposing numbers. Talk about scratching your head. All I could visualize was an open grave and seeing a partially formed number (decomposed)... Many thanks to chparadise for setting me straight. Who knew that it had to do with breaking a number down into "place value"...ex: 153 is 1 hundred, 5 tens and 3 ones.

I also hate word problems...they might as well be in another language. Ex..
Train A left New York enroute to Florida traveling at 68 mph,
Train B left New York enroute to Kentucky traveling at 43 mph..
How many cows did they pass along the way?

Don't even get me started on Geometry (curls up in a fetal position and sucks her thumb)!

I admire all of you who understand math and all the different forms of math. You guys are the bomb!


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