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Re: College and Universities

Uhh... yeah, I might get into college a year earlier as the college I want accepts year 10s. I'm a nervous wreck though because I can't get in without an interview and that interview is on the 16th (the day after my braces get altered AGAIN! so I hope I don't cry out in pain half way through...)
It's also scary because if I do get in (cross fingers, touch wood!) I won't know ANYONE there.
The VT tragedy doesn't scare me, no but everything else does! lol, I mean I can only apply to this one college because it's the only one near by that does both geography and photography so... *bites lip*

What do I expect to gain? Experience, really, with future (with all the work experience) and experience with working with people in class and all that, because... >.< it's a huge jump going from homeschooled for a year and a half then jumping to college where you don't know anyone. So I'm hoping to get in this year so I can get the best for my GCSEs and all...
also, I expect to gain confidence, or so I should being thrown into a pit of lions and the only thing that'll help me live is if I die!!! *is really nervous, duh!*
Wish me luck for the interview!

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