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Re: The worst song you ever heard.

Originally Posted by dobby999 View Post
i like a lot and i mean a lot of songs and i don't seem to hate any but one that annoys me if its in my head for to long goes something like this (it is called the chicken song if you couldn't tell):

stick a chicken in the air
shove a deck chair up your nose
da da da da da (don't know that line)
and behead an eskimo...... so on and so on

does anyone else know what song i am on about (probably not, the video in wierd to)???
Yes, I do know what you mean, and I'd laike to thank you for reminding me of it! It os now stuck in my head!

The lyrics are thus:
Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deck-chair up your nose
Buy a Jumbo-Jet, and then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green, then extract your wisdom teeth
Form a string quartet, and pretend your name is Keith.

For me the worst song would be Shaddap Your Face by Joe Dolce! Awful!


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