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Re: Questions about Animagi v. 2

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
I would classify the repercussions of a werewolf bite as a cursed infection. The germs sent into one's body by the werewolf would be, as I imagine it, basically cursed. I believe the germs would grab onto the human's customary molecules and, in certain ways, control them. Thus, I think the werewolf germs would cause the body to reject certain things (any cure for lycanthropy, sugar in the Wolfsbane Potion, perhaps), just like certain Muggle illnesses.
Well they are cursed in the sense of lasting forever and doing harm to a human if the human doesn't wish to be a werewolf (or vampire). But not in the sense that the curse can ever be removed (like most curses), or that it will destroy the person in the end (like other eternal curses would), or that there is a way to 'heal' (like most curses of that type). So they are distinct in several ways.

We don't know the origin of werewolves in HP. Because JKR used "Remus" and "Wolfsbane" - it is possible that she was going the Remus/Romulus route where the first werewolf was bitten by an actual wolf and survived to become one (although that is at times tied in with it having been King Lycaeus turned into a wolf). But as it was, there were numerous werewolves by the time we came into the story - same with Vampires. And so, they were a part of society however they got started. And both groups had a 'natural' tendency to turn other wizards in order to propagate their species. So to me it takes it out of the cursed category and into the category of magical creature (as they were so classed) and like all magical creatures, wizards simply had to learn to live with them as a fellow species in the wizard world. But at the time, wizards believed they were the supreme species, which I suppose changed overtime. The problem was that to propagate, both species took others against their will, which isn't cool. So they would have to change that - perhaps now that it is known they can have children (Lupin) have kids and bring those into the fold who wish to join. It would be an easier choice if the wolfsbane and such made transformation less painful I'd think.

This is not an "animagus" though - I mean in a sense it is (a wizard + animal) - but not the traditional sort that can change painlessly at will.


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