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Re: Books you dislike, but everyone else likes

Originally Posted by HPitty23 View Post
The "Twilight" series. Honestly, at first, they weren't that bad. And then I realized there was literally no message behind the books. I can't even apply a true love theme to this, because of Bella's actions. I've read the entire series and I dislike every book in it. I don't think I will ever understand the fandom behind this.
Oh, no. There's a message: Girls, don't think for yourselves, just blindly fall "in love" with the most beautiful boy who'll have you and then submit to his every whim. (I'm being facetious here but honestly the message I found in the books was a very mormon one - the man is the head of the house, he is the gateway to all things good, you must submit to and obey him in order to gain access to eternal life)

Hated Twilight but I will go to my grave lamenting that there was a good idea there it was just written terribly with horrible characters, virtually no plot and just plain bad writing.

Add The Hunger Games trilogy to the list for me. The first book is interesting, I'll admit, but the second gets repetitive and the third is just strange. The writing leaves a lot to be desired, it is clunky and plot points are telegraphed pages ahead of time, the romance is completely fake and I'm surprised even the gullible people of the Capitol buy Katniss's terrible delivery, the character of Katniss is very uneven and unlikable for me, Peeta is way too clingy, Gale is better but still only verging on just okay as a character for me, Haymitch is kind of interesting but the person in the books I was most interested in is President Snow and his story.

I will also throw my lot in with the LOTR haters. I adore the movies because they took all the best parts from the books and put them on screen while leaving all the boring description and lengthy pages of walking and walking and walking behind. I have read the books several times (and struggle through them) but I still have never gotten past the end chapter where the hobbits return to the shire and find it infested with orcs. Boring and anti-climactic, so much so that I consistently put the book down at this point so the actual end of the movie where Frodo go to the Grey Havens with the elves was a huge surprise to me. I do love ther part of the books where Frodo is paralyzed by Shelob and Sam takes the ring in order to carry on the mission only to discover that Frodo isn't dead. I agree with a previous poster, though, that even the audiobooks are hard to get through.

Oh, and Wuthering Heights. I just don't get what people like about this book.

The ones that sadden me about not liking are Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility by Austen. I love the film adaptions of these but I stuggle through the books. It took be about 6 months to read Sense and Sensibility (and I read it every day) because I would pick it up, read a page and fall asleep. Pick it up, read a page and fall asleep. Love Pride and Prejudice, though.

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