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Re: Books you dislike, but everyone else likes

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I read it for A level English and everyone in the class was raving about it, saying how well written it was, and how it was really exciting, you know, the whole travel to see Kurtz, but oh dear, I hated it. I found it so dull, and I remember on more than one occasion zoning out in the class. And trying to read it at home was a nightmare. I can usually concentrate on books when there are other things going on- TVs, other people, music etc, but that wasn't working, so I tried it in silence and I found that worse- I re-read it the week leading up to my exam and I threw it across the room in my frustration and burst into tears. I didn't know how I was going to get on with the exam, as it was a closed book exam, and even though in the year leading up to it, I read it at least three times, nothing went in. I even tried watching Apocalypse Now to see if that would help because it's the same basic story, but I fell asleep...

I didn't do very well in that exam, and it dragged my whole grade for the two years down...stupid book

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