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Re: What would it take to get Deathly Hallows an Oscar?

I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that DH: part one has the potential to win an Oscar. It comes out at the end of fall which is the beginning of Oscar movie season, it's an 'intimate' character film, not a big epic climatic action packed film that DH2 will be.

If they play their cards right, DH1 could tell the story of a young man accepting the loss of loved ones and continuing his quest, choosing duty over desire. This constant conflict established in Godric's Hollow and then coming into fruition when the trio learn of the deathly hallows provides for some great drama.

You also have the drama between the trio during the camping scenes, Ron leaving and returning, the drama with the locket, etc.

All of-course in the backdrop of a great war, and the nazi imagery with the pure-blood oppression and the state of the ministry of magic with Magic is Might.

DH1 can be a dark and depressing but soul-searching character piece if made well.

It really can be the Empire Strikes Back of the series.

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