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Re: What would it take to get Deathly Hallows an Oscar?

Originally Posted by Yoana View Post
Moving on from giving record-breaking number of Oscars to films like Titanic means the Oscars are getting better, as far as I'm concerned... Though I've nver had great respect for or trust in those awards anyway.
The Oscars have always been a very mixed bag. I disliked Braveheart and while I enjoyed Titanic (or at least the second half of it ) I didn't think it deserved however many Oscars it got. The screenplay was AWFUL! Kate Winslet (and the CGI ship!) were the best things in that film.

Originally Posted by Wizard_Pupil View Post
And LOTR didnt get any Oscar for any acting performance, though Ian McKellen was good enough. If he didnt get it, I dont see who else for the same style can.
Exactly. (Sean Astin was very peeved about that, but never mind. )

And the ensemble cast for both LotR and the Potter franchise were (and are) excellent.

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
To be honest, I don't think any of the films has been good enough to actually win an Academy Award in any category.
I don't either.

And I really don't think it matters at all. I enjoy the HP films for what they are: wonderfully enjoyable entertainment.

I do think the films could have been better had the film-makers taken a darker, bolder, more visionary approach to adapting Rowling's stories, and translated the more subversive elements in her lively imagination onto the screen.


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