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Originally Posted by erica_7
All the movies are pretty terrible. None of them can act, a LOT of them don't suit the part at all, especially the new Dumbledore...don't know how they're gonna do him in the 5th and 6th movies... and yes, i agree, Hermione's hair annoys me the most! GRRRRR!!!!!! i hate soooo much about the movies... but i'm still gonna see them on the day they come out!!!! can't wait!!!! lol!
I know what you mean....TOTALLY HP OBSESSED.

But some justice must be made to the actors, they are not all bad. Lupin is OK, I like the way Felton plays Draco (even if he is a little to good looking for beeing Draco) McGonnagal is good, Emma Watson is not bad and I LOVE Alan Rickman as Snape. But sorry, thats off topic.
I actually forgot something. I don't like Dobby.

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