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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by BurrowGhoul View Post
He did have a detention 6th year with McGonagall that we know about, so it's possible he had others we don't. And don't forget about first year, his detention in the forest. Which was the only one Harry got that year as well.
One thing I noticed is that, usually, in order to get detention, you have to misbehave in front of a Professor or Prefect. Draco usually immediately stops what he's doing when he sees an authority figure, and he also seldom "back talks" someone in authority (I can only think of one exception to this). We only see Draco argue with Snape once, and that's when both thought they were alone (HBP - when Snape confronted him about needing help to do his Voldy assigned task).

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