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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by willfitz View Post
That is actually exactly what I meant , but I doubt they would want to do that every year for every dormitory. Much simpler to only have to do it once per year on one dormitory.
I don't think they would need to do it every year - at least not in regards to actually casting the spell to enlarge a room. Harry's dormitory room does not appear to be expanded - and with only 5 boys sharing the room, I think that makes sense. But if - hypothetically - they had a year where there 10 students sharing a room, they would need to expand the room and leave that room expanded for the seven years those students were in that room.

Originally Posted by MinervaRonDobby View Post
Thanks everyone!

Do students only get theory homework during the Summer, because otherwise they would be breaking the law wouldn't they...or is there an exception made (I doubt this).
Harry refers to having essays for homework over the summer. That would likely be theory for classes like Transfiguration or Charms, but he also had essays for History of Magic and Potions which would be more factual than theory I think. Although, there probably would be some theory for potions, it seems that most of it would be learning the ingredients and how they work together.

And also does Hermione not get told off for practicising magic before Hogwarts?
As she does say she's used a few basic spells 'Just for practice'...
Well, there is the reference to the Ministry not paying much attention to children who haven't got their wands yet because they understand children will have uncontrolled bursts of power. However, Hermione did have a wand at that point so I guess it would depend on when and where she practiced those basic spells. If she waited until she was on the train, she wouldn't get into trouble because they were allowed to do magic on the train.


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