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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

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Originally Posted by MinervaRonDobby View Post
I'm almost certain ,though I may be wrong, that someone in the book said that dark marks could be concealed in any place and women could even have thiers on a place like their breast...I may be going mad but I am almost certain this is said... please correct me if I am wrong but also tell me if I am correct
I don't think that was specifically stated in the books anywhere, but it does make sense and might be something Jo revealed outside the books.

Also how big is Gryffindor common room!?!
I know that there aren't that many students in each year at Hogwarts but they say that there are dormitories on either side for boys and girls (a staircase for each gender) but Jo never says, for example, 'Harry moved Dormitory this year as he was now a second year' but she also never explains where the other years (not Harry's year) sleep...I was just wondering if anyone never seems to be made out to be that big in the common room...
Do you mean Gryffindor tower as a whole or just the common room? The tower as a whole encompassed the common room with the boys and girls dormitories on either side. Harry's dormitory never changed - he noted in COS that they had the same room and the sign above had been changed to read "Second Years". Based on the description, I would say the dormitories consisted of seven floors - each floor having a room designated for the students in a specific year with the designation being adjusted each year so they wouldn't have to change rooms. The common room itself was never described in specific measurements.

Also I have a question about the book it says that the boggart takes the form of whatever you fear the most so no one knows a boggart's true form but could you not put a camera in with it then record it and play it back and then see what it is?
That seems plausible, but it does not appear that anyone ever considered doing that in the text.

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