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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by willfitz View Post
A fair enough point. Speaking of people seeing Harry go into his office- that would be easy enough if he just made Harry actually have a detention; however, your point is valid with regards to witnesses seeing him leave. I suppose that his only option would be to somehow have the portkey bring him back to his office, and come up with a reasonable explanation as to how Harry could have died under his supervision. Hardly a simple task.
Precisely the point. That's why the tournament was the simplest, most logical solution, IMO. As I said before, Harry is not just any student. He is - essentially - a celebrity. Everyone knows him - or at least knows of him. He gets stared at, talked about, and is noticed. There's not a person at Hogwarts who wouldn't have recognized him on sight at that point in the story. Even the house-elves would recognize him - particularly after Dobby came to work at Hogwarts. Dumbledore keeps a close eye on him and either knows what he's doing or has a pretty good idea. Ron and/or Hermione are with him the majority of the time. He is rarely completely on his own.

Any plan to get Harry away from Hogwarts without Dumbledore realizing it would have to take all of those factors into consideration. For Crouch Jr. to get Harry away without drawing any attention to it - specifically attention that would focus on "Moody", he would essentially have to Confund everyone within the castle - including Dumbledore. He'd have to find a way to ensure the portraits either didn't see anything or wouldn't remember seeing anything. He'd have to find a way to bewitch the ghosts or ensure that none were around to see Harry. And only the Bloody Baron had any control over Peeves.

Using the tournament was the simplest and most logical solution - particularly considering that the majority of the work had already been done by the Ministry and Dumbledore. They set up a near perfect scenario with the maze in the third task that would enable Crouch Jr. to get Harry away without anyone realizing it because they wouldn't be able to see inside the maze. They also filled that maze with dangerous creatures and obstacles that could be presented as the cause of death. They invited Karkaroff to stay at Hogwarts - presenting a scapegoat if one was needed. Dumbledore hired Dobby to work at Hogwarts. All the pieces were in place so all Crouch Jr. had to do was use them to his best advantage. He could work behind the scenes - guiding Harry in the tournament without anyone realizing what he was doing - including Harry. He could use Cedric's sense of fair play, Dobby's devotion, and Karkaroff's reputation without drawing suspicion to himself. Nobody would think twixe about "Moody" placing the cup in the maze. And he could be present during that task with the advantage of being able to see inside the maze when nobody else could - enabling him to use further misdirection if the situation called for it as well as bewitch Krum and make sure Harry didn't run into any obstacles that he couldn't overcome on his own.

I can't see any reason for Crouch Jr. to even considering anything else because that was the most logical course of action, IMO.


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