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Re: The Bread of Kindness

Chapter Five

As her face never faded from Joseph’s memory, nor did his from Lucretia’s.

Once, she even dreamed about him.

It wasn’t an unpleasant dream—on the contrary, it was rather enjoyable.

She was showing him a baby just born.

She couldn’t see the baby’s face—Lucretia woke up yearning to have seen the infant’s smile and big eyes.

Even waking up, she remembered his eyes, the way he talked to her.

Strangely, there was no unpleasant aroma in the dream, as if he had a fresh bath.

Blearily opening her eyes, Lucretia focussed her mind on the last strands of the dream.

To think but two months had passed since Rosie had dragged her to the workhouse.

Yet, as if it had imprinted itself in stone, Merrick’s face never left her mind.

Nor, apparently, had his name—why’d her mind even remember it?

Not many lived long in the workhouse…if they ever got out of the building.

She had been four months pregnant then.

Absent-mindedly, she ran her fingers over the swelling dome of her belly.

To think two months ago, it looked simply as if she indulged a little too much in sweets.

And now, it was a rounded dome, the baby ever-growing inside.

A product of true love and desire.

The couple still managed to make love, but now her pregnancy was starting to get in the way.

It would be several weeks before they could finally once again express their love in its ultimate gesture.

For now, Lucretia settled with snuggling close to her husband, feeling his warmth against her.

A secure and warm presence that lulled her back into sleep—a dreamless slumber this time.

When she awoke with the first rays of dawn and birdsong, the dream about Merrick lingered still in her memories.

And to think this time she wholly agreed to accompany Rosie to the workhouse later that day.

Only, this time, not out of reluctance.

With her heart, she hoped to see Merrick once again.

And in the kitchen, tucked away from staling air and wandering bugs and vermin, was a fresh bun.

Waiting to be escorted with Lucretia to the workhouse.

A gift for a poor man, whose face never left her memories for an instant.

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