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Re: Polyjuice actors

I really, really enjoyed Helena as Hermione-Bellatrix. If it wasn't, obviously, for the looks, that could easily have been Emma Watson. It's a very complicated role, because she's playing someone pretending to be her, who's hating that she's in that body but still having to be convincing, while also dealing with all the pressure/nerves of the moment.

There's also a lot going on with Dan in the Seven Potters scene! My favorite is Harry-Hermione, who finished getting dressed before the others and stands in the background rolling her(his?) eyes impatiently.

I thought the Runcorn, Mafalda, and Cattermole characters did good jobs, too. It was so funny to watch because even though in the books I knew they were supposed to look like Ministry workers, I kept picturing it in my head as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It was really strange to see these complete strangers on screen and have to remember that they're not random people, it's the trio.

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