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Re: One-Week Thread: Australia Expels Israeli Diplomats

I think the main issue here is not that they forged Australian passports, but the fact that real Australian citizens had their lives jeopardised by the use of these. If they were entirely fake identities, there would be no problem. But some poor Australian people were descended upon in their homes and accused of being assassins because of this.

I don't know about everyone else, but I was a bit freaked out by the idea that if I moved to a foreign country, my passport details could be reforged and used in government intelligence missions. Particularly since this occurred with a country we have such a wonderful relationship with!

So yes, I do think kicking out the diplomat was the right thing to do, even if I think it's regrettable we have had to resort to this action. However, in general, I don't mind entirely fake identities being used with another country's stamp for intelligence missions.

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