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Re: One-Week Thread: Australia Expels Israeli Diplomats

Originally Posted by Klio View Post
1. Do you think that expelling diplomats is an appropriate response to Israel's apparent forging of foreign passports?

Expelling diplomats is one among several established ways of sending a message of displeasure to another state. It's more disgruntled than, say, caling in a diplomat to ask for an explanation, but it doesn't strike me as out of the ordinary. If I recall correctly, this sort of thing happened quite regularly, and (overtly at least) for smaller reasons, between Cold War opponents.
I'm sure the Australian govt was particularly galled by the fact that Israel had done this before and had given undertakings that it wouldn't happen again.

Originally Posted by AP
Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told Parliament the operation to kill Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room in January was not the first time Israel had forged Australian travel documents. He did not elaborate on previous incidents, but said the latest transgression breached "confidential undertakings" between the two countries.
After two Mossad agents were convicted of illegally obtaining a NZ passport in 2004, NZ suspended high level diplomatic ties for 12 months. NZ had no option of expelling a diplomat as Israel had no embassy in NZ at the time.

What I really object to is to fake passports of people who really exist. What on earth were they thinking?!!!
Probably that they'd get away with it.

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