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Re: Crisis in Greece, the Euro Area and the European Union

Well, I would expect that the unions said something while the unemplyment rate climbed month after month...

But, Mme Bergerac what is life like in Spain?
Do middle class people who *have* a job feel the impact of the econimic crisis in their personal lives? I'd be really interested to hear how this affects normal daily life in Spain, or whether it's relatively unobtrusive, as it has been (so far) in the UK....
Well, it's easier for people who have a job, of course, but they are afraid to loose it. Companies are having bad numbers. Many construction companies have bankrupted, and a good part of the Spanish economy depended on them. If there's no more construction, then the companies who made supplies (from bricks to doors or furniture) don't have orders, they can't pay their own suppliers and at last the have to close and fire the staff. And so in other sectors.

On an every day level, you wouldn't say things are so bad, but there are sings if you know where to look: at the supermarket, people buy the 'white brand' much more than the brand names, when till a couple of years ago nobody bought anything but brands; clothes shops are almost empty (Zara used to be always crowded), and two weeks ago I went to the cinema on a saturday evening and only waited a minute in the line, while the usual thing was having to queue up for half an hour. Perhaps the best example is my college cafeteria: though there's a menu for 5€ (very cheap for Madrid), you always could bring your food from home and heat it up in the microwave. Six months ago there were still just two microwaves; today, there are 5.

In things like holidays, or so, I can't say very much, because there are lots of people that would give up dinner for six months to be able to pay the holidays at the beach. But the car sales are frozen.

Well, at last Zapatero has waken up and decided to do something (well, Obama himself called to tell him that this couldn't go on this way; and ZP can ignore the rest of the world, but if Obama says it, it must be true )

Madrid, March 11th, 2004. WHO DID IT?

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