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Re: The Hogwarts Sisters

Once she was on the Hogwarts express, she was so exited! she didn't even mind sitting alone. Ally came in there and said,
"Hey Amy, you know you don't have to sit alone, right? Do you want to come and sit with me and Cho?"
"Sure," she said.
She led Amy to the place where she was sitting with her best friend, Cho Chang.
Cho was an Asian girl with long, shiny black hair.
Amy sat next to Cho and I sat across from them.
"Hi," Cho said.
"Hey," I said.
"This is my sister Ally, she's just starting Hogwarts this year."
"Oh, that's nice," Said Cho, "are you exited?"
"Yeah" I said, "do you like Hogwarts?"
"Yeah, it can be pretty good sometimes, especially when you have good friends." She smiled.

The rest of the way there, Cho told me about Hogwarts and the magic and some of the people there. Once we got there, we had to go different ways because Cho and the other people who were not in there first year didn't have to go on the boats. But that was ok, because I thought the boats would be fun. I got in one boat alone, when a boy with red hair and freckles came and said,
"Would it be ok if I went with you? Every other boat is full."
"Sure." I said.
He sat down across from me and the boat started going. I thought it was a little strange that we didn't need to steer it or anything, but then I remembered that it must be magic.

My sister wrote this part, she will write more later. I hope you liked it!


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