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Re: Comments on New CoS Forums Features

Originally Posted by BelleSnowyOwl View Post
I just noticed that the 'navigation bar' (the thing that says "Chamber of Secrets > Entrance Hall > The Wizengamot Administration Services" or whatever area you're in) now only appears at the top of the screen. It was really useful having it at the bottom, because you didn't have to go to the top of the page in threads with tons of posts. But I'm just picky. And other than that, the changes are awesome!
Working on that. Ali's got it on his list.

Originally Posted by SevPrince View Post
Ok. Before I get to exploring the new stuff, I have a bone to pick with ali or whoever is responsible for this. What happen to the cos style chooser? There is only 6 types left, and my favorite (I can't spell it. It started with s. something like stylemallion) is not on the list anymore or even my second favorite one the green hbp one. I don't like any of this ( dh uk and us, cos lite, cos, ootp, halloween). Can I get my S style back?
Some of the styles are broken. Ali is fixing them in slow time.

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
I've been exploring the new stuff and it's cool. Thanks folks. Just a silly question, though, how do you join any of the groups?
Click on one of the groups. If it's a Public Group there should be a link at the bottom or on the right-hand side saying 'Join Group'

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