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Re: What Annoys you most?

Originally Posted by dragonelf68 View Post
people who almost run you over when you try to cross the street.
Oh yeah, very annoying! Though I dislike a lot of drivers in general! *lol*
Good job I don't drive, I get road rage standing on the footpath!
-- There's some people who seem to be going slow until you start to cross, then next minute they're right beside you!
-- I also hate when you're standing waiting to cross and someone puts their indicator on the second they start turning! Argh, I could've crossed the road if I knew you were turning in earlier!!
-- And of course the people who just never indicate at all. I was crossing once when an idiot turned in without his indicator on and then honked at me like I should watch where I'm going.
-- The people who still drive around at some fast mph chatting away with their phone glued to their ear.

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