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Re: Moral Ambiguities

Originally Posted by Leon_Lionheart View Post
I like how people can say "If something is wrong, it's wrong all the time," yet people are still constantly bickering about what "wrong" actually is.
I agree. If everything were so black and white, there'd be no reason to have a judicial system at all. Unfortunately, things are quite often in shades of gray...

To put it in context of Harry Potter: It is wrong to do magic in front of Muggles. So since Harry performed a Patronus Charm in front of a Muggle, he committed a crime. BUT you have to take into account why he performed said charm in front of a Muggle, and that reason was to save his and his cousin's (the Muggle's) life, which creates an acceptable instance of using magic in front of Muggles.

However, to look at it in the black-and-white, right-and-wrong sort of light: Harry performed magic in front of a Muggle (which is illegal), therefore he did something wrong and should be punished for it.

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