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Re: Moral Ambiguities

Using the phrase, ‘for the greater good’ to justify murdering 6 million innocent people for self-gain is a far cry from sacrificing yourself in order to save the world. I don’t have the book on hand, but I believe DD already had an idea Harry would actually survive when he and Snape had the conversation about Harry being a horcrux. DD did not tell Snape everything, possibly on the chance Voldemort broke through his thoughts. Maybe this is one of the things he felt he needed to hold back.

There is a difference between murder and killing in battle. It was also mentioned that remorse can mend your soul. This is what Harry is trying to tell Voldemort in the final battle.

I believe Stan was under the Imperius curse. The description of his blank face was also used when Harry used the Imperius curse at Gringotts.

I would have preferred seeing Harry handle Griphook differently also. However, given that Bill had already told him goblins couldn’t be trusted, I think it would have been foolish of Harry to expect Griphook to return the sword later. That would be like expecting the town gossip to keep a secret.

I hated that Harry used the Cruciatus curse. I think JKR was trying to show that even good people make bad choices, particularly in the heat of the moment. I know I have said/done some things I wouldn’t normally have done just because I was extremely angry/emotional at the time. And (please, no hate mail) teenagers aren't exactly known for being level-headed.

I don’t believe morals are ambiguous, and I do NOT believe in situation ethics. If something is wrong, it is wrong all the time. As much as we might try to follow a set of morals, no one is going to be successful all the time. I think this is reflected in DH.

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