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It doesn't offend me in any way. I've really been dulled to it. I grew up in a house where my mom used it all the time. While driving, talking about people in general, yelling at our animals, yelling at me.. So it's a word that's worn well in my mind. Me being a general potty-mouth, it's one of those words I seem to use in every-other sentence so long as it's safe to do so. I think people are a bit over-sensitive to the word. I understand how it can be offensive, but I think it's a bit silly the way some people over react to "the f word" or any other curse words. Take it for what it is, I say. You don't have to use that kind of language if you don't want. If someone else is saying it, do your best to ignore it, remove yourself from the situation, or just brush it off.


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