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The "F" word- are you offended by it?

Hey guys,
Recently, we had this discussion in one of my classes. We hear this word everyday.. or at least I do. So my question is, are you offended by it, even if it's not directed at you? Like if you hear someone say it, do you cringe? (like me) Also, if you're a fan of rap music, you would know there is quite a lot of swearing in it- does that affect you in any way?
A guy in my class said he wasn't particularly offended by it, unless it was directed at him or used to express raw emotion, for instance, anger or frustration. However, if used unnecessarily, it can be offending.
Personally, I think where it was once a swear word, to express some kind of emotion, it's now become completely unnecessary. I mean, I've heard people say hi to each other [using the f word]
Also, in rap music, if they are, indeed, expressing some kind of emotion, they can say the word once- there is no need to repeat it over and over again like they do- it is redundant and completely vulgar. I mean, we get the point that you're mad, now move on..

So what do you guys think? Are you offended by it? Or do you hear it so much that you're now completely unaffected by it?


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