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Re: Moderation of threads

Originally Posted by AldeberanBlack View Post
I wish to comment on the moderating policy of banning a certain word and topic from the Ministry of Magic forum. It's the word the moderator named "Alastor" highlighted in red on the "UK Politics" thread. The discussion was based on a certain British political party which obviously has the banned word as its core ideology. Banning this word effectively means that discussing this political party is essentially impossible. It would be like discussing Sinn Fein without mentioning Irish republicanism. This is problematic for the thread, since the ideology and policy of the British political party in question will be of key importance to the upcoming British general election and after all the thread is called "UK Politics"
Alastor quite rightly reminded posters that "racism" is a banned word in the DoIMC. However, that ban was put in place primarily as a result of the tensions within American politics. In the UK thread, we've decided it can be allowed in regard to the BNP.

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