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Re: Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by YellowPoofBall View Post
Deathly Hallows; Chapter 17He did not like crying, he had never been able to stomach the small ones whining in the orphanage-

That was one of the strangest things I read in the book. It seems so out of character for Voldemort to not like when someone cries. I would have thought he'd take joy at having made someone cry.
I thought that line was brilliant. I think that line isn't explaining children crying because of what Voldemort did to them, it is explaining the usual crying/fussing of babies and small children. When a baby cries, the human instinct should be to try to comfort the baby and fix what's wrong. Voldemort lacked this feeling at an early age. He never felt compassion or concern.
It also reminded me of the line in HBP when Dumbledore visits the orphange and Mrs. Cole tells him that Tom Riddle was a strange baby and he didn't cry.

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