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Re: Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by toonmili View Post
Okay what I noitced about Voldemort is that he billed himself to be some big larger than life wizard but really he was just the little Tom who was a big show off, who liked to play finders keepers. He hadn't changed since the orphanage. They way Harry talked him down was sad to see.

And WHO would have guessed that Voldemort was a matchmaker. Telling Severus there were better pureblood women out there. If he ever comes back alive he could take a job working E-Harmony.

I've stated a couple of times that I think in some ways Voldemort is a weak villian. For one about lack of attention to detail
Phoenix tears...I forgot...mother's love...I forgot...oh I don't actually have to kill anybody to get the wand allegiance....I didn't know that.
They guy doesn't even know how his wand works. Your the "greatest" wizard ever
and you don't know how your wand works. Be like I didn't know how to start my car.

That out of the way...his callous disregard to he followers was probably the most evil thing about him.
That he had no love for his enemies...that's a gimme. But to just palm off Malfoy worry over his son and so callously murder his "trusted" death eater Snape (and he didn't even know Snape ever betrayed him) to get his wand to work. talk about the banality of evil.

I just looked over the last question and remembered a line of dialogue from an old TV show that I think says what I think about Tom M. Riddle.

"Your a victim too, sir, but your such a walking pile of manure it's hard for me to care"

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