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Re: Is it wierd to have a crush on a fictional character?

Originally Posted by Reader View Post
No. It's not weird. Yes, they are fictional, but that doesn't mean you can't be in love with them. Especially if you're young.

It's different to love a fictional character, than a real human. Two different kinds of love, but both just as strong. But it's much different.
I agree with that. You can daydream on a fictional character without risking having your heart broken, like you might if you were pinning your dreams on a real life person. In case of married people, crushes on book characters are no threat to your marriage!

I have a total crush on Inspector Thomas Lynley, aka the Eighth Earl of Asherton - as he is in the Elizabeth George books, not the TV series. And if I have a son someday, I'd like him to be just like Cedric Diggory. There too, the book character, but it wouldn't hurt if he also looked like Robert Pattinson!

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