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Re: The Millenium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
I must be one of the few people who didn't like Lisbeth. She was a textbook sociopath. (The fact that she seemed constructed from a psychiatry text rather than developed could be the problem.)
If she was built to match any one label, the one I would have chosen is "Autistic Savant" (albeit a "high-functioning" one). Spoilers for all books may follow...

Spoiler: show
Granted, by many conventional measures she is not "successful". However, we know in her case this is often a matter of successful adaptation to truly extreme circumstances. She is thoroughly self-sufficient and able to make and stick to long-term plans.

Also, I did not find her to be callous and unfeeling. Her early instance of violance (against her father) was it seemed to me motivated by an awareness of her mother's suffering, and she is capable of making (and keeping) friends as the respect of the "good" advocate (whose name I forget), her employer at the security firm, among her hacker associates, and Blomqvist all show. Further, some of her violence, it seemed to me, reflected a genuine interest in justice, not only for herself, but for other women; it was why I thought she found the Vanger case so worthy of her attention. In her experience, justice has to be looked for outside of the legal system.

Finally, heck yes she is violent! But given that her personal experience of the legal system from her childhood onwards was that it would go out of its way to inflict injustices on her and people close to her, fail to prevent, or even worse, condone/enable additional abuses against her, I don't find it surprising.

In many ways, she seems to me a female/feminist "Batman", with the twist that many of the villains she is up against have the protection of the legal system.

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